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Monday, July 17, 2006

Insomniac Recap

Last night (well, it still continues as I write this) was rocky in the BB household for the S6, or seasick. alliance. Boogie celebrated his birthday by shaking up the hamsters. He's placed just the right amount of doubt in each of their heads. Regardless of whether he's ultimately successful, it's the biggest gameplay yet this season. James doubts Kaysar, Janey doubts James/Kaysar, Howie doubts he knows what's going on, and Kaysar is playing the "I'm not leading this alliance" strategy. Who knew Boogie had it in him? Who knew adding a little gruel would play so well on their minds? The biggest fallout is that Marcy has been identified as aligned with S6 - placing a large target on the back of his bathrobe of doom. Oh, and Danielle is completely playing Switzerland - and loving every minute of this.

Friday, July 14, 2006

July 14, 2006 11:11amHT

Now THIS is the torture for which we've been yearning. Degrading food competition going on as we speak. The feeds are letting bits and pieces slip through. The challenge involves bobbing for items in what appears to be oatmeal (we could only hope it's the vomit which is appears). Between the barnyard theme and overalls, you know that Marcy has to be throwing a fit.
Ahhh, good times.

July 14, 2006

1 down, 12 to go.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

July 13, 2006 11:05am

Wanna know why there haven't been more recaps on Desperate Hamsters regarding the BB7 season? This photo completely represents the torture we must endure to watch. Seriously, who TWEEZES their armpits? *Hands Dani a Bic razor*

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 12, 2006 12:30pmHT

Votes are cast...and from the house chatter, it appears Alison will be leaving the BB house tomorrow night. Nak voted for Danielle, but it sounds like everyone else booted Alison.

Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10, 2006 4:45pmHT

Will and Kaysar in bed together? BB7 is inching toward interesting.

July 10, 2006, 1:55pm HT

Diane is working Marcellas HARD to get him to flip to vote out Danielle instead of Ali. She keeps claiming voting Danielle out means Ali stays in, meaning they will have more time in the house because Ali will remain there as a distraction. Diane tells Marcellas they have the numbers to oust Danielle (which isn't true) and keeps asking, "What do you think? What do you think? What do you think?" Marcellas listens but focuses on ... Marcellas as he complains about being bored and lethargic. Poor, Poor Baby.

July 10, 2006 11:20amHT

Outdoor lockdown just after most of the hamsters arose for the day. As they're gathered together in the BY, Will announces he'd like to have a house meeting about snorers. "Does anyone else think they should be forced to sleep outside?" A few uncomfortable chuckles follow, but that does get the HG talking about what they hate in the house. And, let the finger pointing begin.

Stir the shit, Will...stir that shit.

July 10, 2006 11:15amHT

May I present you with Doom and Gloom?
Outdoor lockdowns aren't fun, but c'mon...that bad??

July 10, 2006 11:05am

Stand in line, Bitches. He's all mine !! I'm such a sucker for the geeks.

July 10, 2006 11amHT

Ali chopped up melons with the knife which she handled like a machete. Given her view, I couldn't blame her for the rage behind her chopping. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around how Mike Boogie can still be single...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 9, 2006 6:45pm

There's an intense game of kickball happening in the BB house. Clearly, Alison's feeling better, as she's joined in the fun.

Nak took a line drive to the face. Will's mic was the first casualty of the game, though. A call from the BB bullpen has sent in a substitute mic.

And with that, the beach ball being vaulted over the wall. Kaysar takes the window squeegee and retrieves the ball. Always the hero...we'll never hear the end of how he risked electrocution to save the game.

July 8, 2006 4:30pm HT

Janelle, your profile is giving AliNose some competition.

7/9/2006 1:00pm HT

Sorry, kiddos, the championship game of the World Cup is on, so there won't be any recaps from me for the next hour or so. However, I checked in this morning to find that Will considers the NBC show "Treasure Hunters" better than BB...which of course, brought on the FIRE. Oh, and they're now holding the Veto Ceremony. Nothing really to mention from that...we all know Janey isn't about to use the damn thing.

Live Feed Lessons

As I contemplate possibly being away from the Live Feeds and the broadcast show for the next two weeks, I reflect on the lessons I have learned already from the live feeds. For instance ...

I learned that if a Hamster wins 1st or 2nd place, they don't get the stipend. In fact, it may actually be more financially beneficial to make it through the summer and be sequestered on the jury until the end of the show. A weekly stipend is taxed less than a lump sum of "winnings over 20k". Fascinating.

I learned that Alison had her nose done BEFORE her season of Big Brother because she had a deviated septum which caused her to "click" while she slept. Nakomis pointed out that she STILL clicks. Alison says it's not as bad as it was. Hmmmmmmmmm. (I also learned that Ali has broken her nose twice, but Nakomis being the female version of James had to let everyone listening know she broke her nose three times.)

I learned that Chicken George knows a LOT about previous seasons and players, despite the fact that he insists that he hasn't watched any of the shows. His WIFE watches. Danielle wonders how George hasn't seen the shows if his wife is watching them all. He may just be playing dumb, or .. well .. dumb-er.

I learned that Erika lost a lot of weight because of a recently ended relationship and she wants to gain a few pounds while in the house.

Speaking of weight gain, I learned that Janelle gained so much weight last year that when getting dressed for the finale, she squeezed into her 'little black dress', then had to have it cut off because she couldn't get out of it.

I learned that Howie really IS a class act and took a bunch of souvenirs from the house and sold them all on eBay.

I learned that pretty much every season gave their Hamsters celphones when they finished the season. Some got 3-months of free service, some got 1-year. I also learned that T.Mobile sucks and every person talking about it said they couldn't get a signal on their free T.Mobile phone.

I learned that Dr. Will is all powerful, as someone obviously heard his plea for a banner plane and went one better with a skywriting plane, resulting in an indoor lockdown of severe boredom as the Hamsters kept talking about it and we kept getting Hellfire.

I learned that James is playing WAY too hard, is annoying as hell, and I wish he wasn't in the house because his constant yammering about himself, how great he is, how many fans he has, etc., etc., is really, really BORING. And his game stinks of desperation.

I learned that Jase has changed and he's actually not that bad. I'm enjoying his game and he may just be a very shrewd competitor. (And I learned that he doesn't really pee on stuff.)

I learned that Kaysar is still boring, that James considers Kaysar to be the "weak link" in their "team", and that James is a dumbass for admitting that S6 is actually, you know, a "TEAM". (However, James is NOT a gay vampire.)

I learned that Marcellas and Danielle really DO have bad feelings about each other, that Marcellas did NOT vote for Lisa because she was "nicer", he felt she played a better - more subtle game, and that he didn't respect Danielle for playing so hard to take Jason to the end. I also learned that had Dani made the final two with anyone other than Lisa, she may have actually won, according to Marci.

I learned that Howie is a disgusting, sexist pig with the mentality of a teenage boy in the middle of raging puberty and an incredibly inflated ego that is wholly undeserved. Oh wait. I already knew that.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Topsy Turvey

Yesterday afternoon Diane was sitting in bed reading ... The Bible. Why? Because she was bored, and because it is the only book allowed in the house. So she had decided she would start at the beginning and read a couple pages (or a couple chapters, I don't remember which) every day.

In walks Alison, and Diane tells her that she is reading the Bible, but she is confused. "And I'm only on PAGE TWO!" she gripes (wait until she hits Leviticus, then it will all be over). Anyway, she's confused because God made the heavens and the earth and all the little critters and bugs and day and night and man... but what about the dinosaurs? Who made the dinosaurs?

Alison screws up her face all confused and says, "Uh...well, I don't know. Hey, that's right...who made the dinosaurs?"

So as they ponder the unanswerable question of who made the dinosaurs, Marcellas walks in and they pose the same question to him. Who made the dinosaurs? Well, Marcellas hems and haws and stumbles around the answer and then says something about that some people believe that God made the dinosaurs, but that it was a "dry run" as it were before he created the real stuff.

"Oh!" Says Diane and Alison.

As I'm sitting here laughing my butt off, Diane and Ali meander outside and run into Jase. Here we go again, with the dinosaurs. Who made the dinosaurs? Why doesn't the Bible mention anything about dinosaurs?

Jase, who is in the midst of shoving food in his face, says, "because when the bible was written nobody knew anything about dinosaurs. They hadn't been discovered yet."

"OH!" Says Diane and Alison. "That makes much more sense!"

Without missing a beat, Jase continues totally straight-faced and says, "Yeah, they didn't know about dinosaurs. They had never seen dinosaurs or heard about dinosaurs. They didn't know about them, just like they didn't know about space ships or microwave ovens."


What is happening here? Jase, during his season, was an ass of highest proportions. I cannot believe that not only am I cringe-free when I see him, I'm actually finding him rather amusing. Much more so than many others.

I worry about myself, but then I remember that Ali still annoys me as much as she did in years past, so I must be ok.

5:00pm HT

The truth comes out. Remember back in Season 5 when there was a YOOOGE hoopla about Jase peeing in the house and on towels and stuff? Huh? Remember?

Well, it turns out that just before the hammies were going to compete, and BB had sent the hammies to separate areas of the house so they couldn't see how the other hammies were doing ... Jase was speaking into his mic telling BB that he had to pee.

Repeated requests to BB to allow him to go pee went unanswered, so Jase said (into his mic) "I'm going to fold these towels up in the corner over here and pee on them unless you stop me because if I don't, I'm going to pee my pants". Well, BB didn't stop him, so that's exactly what Jase did.

After the competition, Jase took the towels and put them into a garbage bag and left them with the trash in the storage room to be disposed of. His mistake was telling Pretty Will, who immediately made a big deal out of it and turned it into the now infamous "Jase is peeing on peoples things in the house".

Nakomis attests to the fact that Pretty Will made a huge deal out of it and blew it way out of proportion. Jase admits that .. Jase being Jase, he took the attitude of "Yeah, I peed on stuff".

I think that's hilarious. I remember that being a YOOOGE deal that season.

James is NOT a Gay Vampire

Stuff on Hamsters

Is it hat yet?

Nope, not yet.

Dear Marcellas,

A washcloth is not a fashion statement.

Saturday, 7/8 - 10:15am HT

Seriously. Is this a problem with REAL, or is there some sort of alien thing on Alison's head?


It may actually be an improvement.


Dr. Will is simply a master of this game. CBS should have a weekly hour dedicated to the clips of what he says to/about others. Here are just a few of his quips from yesterday:

As he glances at photos of prior BB seasons:
"[Cowboy’s] teeth look like they're having an argument."

Howie tells Will his body is so small:
“You should take an internship in my new country, Sixpakistan.”

Kaysar tries to poke at Will by saying that Botox is wrong:
"That's easy for you to say, Kaysar, you're the Brad Pitt of Muslims. If you were ugly you'd feel differently."

Howie tells the hamsters how he blew off his finger as a child while trying to make a bomb:
“Howie, your schtick should be "I'm looking for the man who took my finger."

While trying for Busto Part II, and Will having none of it, Howie tells Will if he loses any weight he could be a light saber:
“If Howie gains any more weight, he’ll be Jabba the Hut. Hey, just putting it in terms you'll understand, Howie.”

While responding to Howie's question about his game plan:
"I refuse to be stuck in sequester this summer. If I'm not out by the fifth week, then I'll actually have to start playing the game. It's as simple as that. If you leave me in the house after week 5, well, then I have no choice other than to win the damn thing. Keep that in mind."

Friday, July 07, 2006

10:15pm HT

Jase likes the Dixie Chicks, apparently. Right in the middle of an excellent catty conversation with Marcellas, Skippy takes us to the HOH room where Alison is using the bathroom. Oh, and judging by the condition of the bathroom, I'd say Janelle has taken that place over as her own.

<====I mean, look at that!

Anyway, Ali comes out of the WC and (thankfully) washes her hands. Then, hands dripping with water, Ali looks around for a towel to dry her hands with. Suddenly, I realize I can hear 'Not Ready To Make Nice' coming from somewhere. At first I think it's my neighbor, then Ali opens the bathroom door into the HOH room and I see Jase's feet and can hear the song clearly. BB gives us FOTH briefly. Ali gets a towel from Jase and dries her hands then leaves. Jase turns his tunes up again.

Skippy is incredibly slow on the FOTH button.

Cut to James in the workout room with Janelle. James is (once again) trying to tell Janelle what to do, how to play the game, who they should be aligning with, etc. James? Dude. It's week 1 and you smell of desperation, and it's not from lifting weights.

Janelle asks James if he will definitely vote for Alison. James says he'll do whatever is good for "US". Janelle wonders if Dani will come after her next week. James says he doesn't think so, but he's not sure. James says Dani won't tell him because of his relationship with Janelle. Janelle says she didn't have any choice.

James, with his 20/20 hindsight vision, says it wasn't a good idea to put "both of them" up. Janey asks "why", and James can only say, "because either way it's like 'aaarrrggghhh'". Um. You are one articulate bastard, James.

10:00pm HT

Marcellas has a 'moment' in the backyard as he reminisces about filming House Calls and how all the audience members for The Price Is Right would line up outside. Lots of Sailors. Sailors in those uniforms. Those white uniforms with those wide leg pants and the shiney black shoes. *sigh* Marci says there's nothing like a man in uniform.

Jase interjects that he dressed up as a sailor last Halloween.

Make of that what you will.

9:15 pm HT

Yet another reason to love Dr. Will.

Will speaks to the internet fans. He'd like a banner plane tomorrow. He'd like the plane to fly over the house at Noon, and he doesn't care if BB puts the Hammies on lockdown, he will run outside and tell everyone in the house what it says.

And what does Will want the banner to say?

"Howie blows goats"

He says someone should buy the domain right now. I hear him mention right before BB shuts the feeds off for a second.

Heh. See? Will knows how to play to us crazed internet fans.

Friday, 9:00pm



(Nice hair clips)

July 7, 2006 7:25pm

Diane approaches Boogie (who is now wearing a bandana under his glow in the dark grandpa hat) about keeping Alison. The answer is a big no-go. Boogie thinks Danielle is an up-front power grabber, but fears Alison could burrow into the game and cause too much trouble down the road. Boogie reiterates the need to break up the BB6 voting block, and feels James has to go sooner rather than later. Because they have changed the veto rules a bit, it's harder to backdoor players. Boogie says not to worry, though, because they'll get James out eventually, and in the meantime, he's fun to be around.

Diane thinks Chicken George is weird. Boogie thinks he's out of his element. Diane says he wasn't even playing the game (veto) today. Boogie asks, "you don't think so?" Diane says, "Hell no. He didn't want to play. He didn't want to win."

Boogie and Diane agree that James is overplaying the game, and getting him to talk is really easy. Boogie says James has been dying to get back into the BB house again. Diane feels Kaysar and Janelle are the closest and Howie is disposable. Boogie thinks Howie and Janelle are the closest. Boogie said, "If America loves them so much, we'll vote them out and America can have them back."

Diane wants to get Janelle out of the house and take full credit herself. She says there is a lot of bad feelings going into the game. Diane whines that Janelle talked trash about her in the house last year (She said I was too UGLY for Drew!) and she can't stand her.

6:58pm HT

Alison and Diane are in the RED room talking about what Ali needs to do to save her skin. Alison should first think about that big-ass knot on her forehead. Too Funny.

Diane and Ali think Janelle is really fake. (NO WAY!) and too high maintenance (YOU DON'T SAY?)

Then Diane says "At least she got laid before she came in the house". This confuses Ali (not difficult to do) and Diane says "Didn't you see that big rug burn on her back?

Ooooooooh. Don't make me root for Diane. I'm already rooting for Jase!

Project DNA?

July 7, 2006, 6:30pm HT

Four feeds of exercise cam is painful. Four feeds of exercise cam with Will, Howie, Danielle and James are even worse. James looks like the 90 pound weakling on the beach. Danielle is just keep her presence known among various groups -- I still think in order to get back into HG's good graces.

Aside: The whole Marcellas seems more at east with Danielle? That lasted about 30 minutes and next time I saw him he was still bitching about Danielle and how she lied and nobody liked her not even the producers even though she complained she didn't have any money but she had more money than Marcellas and she even had HEALTH INSURANCE. So yeah, bitterness reigns.

Anyhoo, Will and Howie snipe at each other about damn near everything -- who is paler, who is buffer, who is greater, on and on and on and on. I'd pay big money for some HoH competition to be a shut-up contest. They'd both probably instantly explode.

July 7, 2006 6:20pm

Howie is back to antagonizing Will. Seriously, the whole "Busto" thing was funny for about an hour last summer, but Howie annoying Will has been going on since they awoke this morning. He's the biggest gnat I've ever seen.

Friday Night Workout With Dr. Will

You just know will is wondering how he can get the tools he needs to perform liposuction on Howie's gut and manboobs.

5:52pm - Friday

Kaysar is actually whining about James' MySpace page. Kaysar is upset because there are so many pictures of Ivette on James' page. James tries to tell Kay and Ali that James doesn't set up the page, but it falls on deaf ears as Kay describes all the pictures on James' page. James asks Kaysar why he's going on James' MySpace page and obsessing on the pictures. James wonders (aloud) if Kaysar is a stalker that he's going to have a restraining order taken out on? Kaysar says he was only on there once. (He sure knows a lot about that page for only having been on there once.)

James yells at Kaysar that Kaysar is his #2 of his top 8 and Kaysar should just RELAX. (If James isn't responsible for his MySpace layout, how does he know that Kaysar is his #2?)

Alison says she doesn't have a MySpace page. James says it's because she's "not cool".

Kaysar is a little insecure, huh?

P.S. Ivette is my #2 on my MySpace page - so there.


Be vewy vewy qwiet....

I'm hunting Hamsters.


Same Old, Same Old

I come home after a not-so-long day at work (bossman let us go home early) and an excruciating trip to the laundromat (need clean clothes for my trip) to fire up the feeds and hear HOWIE doing is "oh, you're so sexy", "oh, I love your boobies", "are you wearing panties?", lather, rinse, repeat. The feeds are frozen, but I see that Howie is in the RED room with Erika, Alison and Jase.

Erika tells Howie he's all talk, and Ali agrees. Howie says he'll bang Ali for 3 minutes if Jase will leave the room, but he needs wood. Ali retorts "obviously". Howie says he needs the lights out to get wood.

I think ... "obviously".

I wouldn't want to look at that, either.

June 7, 2006 5:20pm HT

Ali smashed her head on the cage during veto competition so she is laying down with ice on her head. She grumbles that she looks like a freaking rhino with a bump in the middle of her forehead. Heh Heh Heh.

Danielle asks her how she feels. Ali tells Danielle that Danielle will not be the one leaving. Danielle gives Ali the usual, "you never know!" Now Ali starts the litany of "I want to go home." She doesn't care anymore. She wants to leave. Danielle says, "that's not my Ali-Bear." Ali says, "Ali-bear isn't here. I'm not having fun at ALL."

Ali says everyone hates her, Erika hates her and acts all fake nice to her. "It's so three years ago!" Ali whines. Ali complains Janelle wanted her out on day one ... "Even before I shook her hand" Ali says she is too proud of a person to go around and beg for votes. Oh, and she wouldn't be able to tolerate sequester either. Ali says her personality just doesn't click with some people.

I think those would be the human kind.

I'm just waiting for the "I'm going to eat worms" comment, and we'll have an All-Star Whiny hat trick.

July 7, 2006 4:50pm HT

Back to indoor lockdown.

James is up in HoH with Janelle. (Does it seem like James is everywhere all the time??) He wonders if they will be allowed to go outside again tonight. Janelle says probably, though they agree the aftermath of the veto competition will be a big mess to clean up. James says, "You realize the backyard is probably going to reek after this." He also says, "You do have to hand it to George, though. He did stand there and take it right in the face" which makes me anxious to see this played out on TV. Janelle looks slightly irritated that James is invading her HoH space, and she finally gets up and walks out.

Marcellas gets offended when Howie keeps calling him "My Little Bo-Bo." Marcellas shoots him dagger of death and says, "Why do you keep saying his name? Why do you want to give him any air time whatsoever?" Howie pesters Marcellas about House Calls and wonders if Marcellas will go back to House Calls if he gets evicted next week. Marcellas suggests Howie get evicted and then he can go do it. Howie thinks that's a pretty damn good idea. Marcellas also grumbles that he thinks his last season of House Calls was his last season of House Calls. Interesting....

So much for the Yoooge cleanup. They are outside. Howie alerts the media he has bad gas.

July 7, 2006, 4pm HT

Marcellas, James, Danielle, Erika and Janelle have been chatting in the kitchen for awhile. The topics have ranged from "oh how famous we are" to "oh how famous we are and we have fans" to "oh how famous we are and we have fans and we have hate mail." They also discussed what they kept and didn't keep after their respective seasons. Danielle said she kept everything. Ev-ry-thing. She kept keys and pictures and instruction cue cards and costumes. She even said she kept haggis, though I don't want to know how she accomplished that one. James said Howie took everything he possibly could out of the house -- even going through the trash cans -- and then sold it on eBay.

What I find interesting about this whole conversation is watching Danielle. I have to think that part of this is extremely calculated so she can soften her image and become "one of the gang" again with the houseguests. Whether or not people -- namely Marcellas -- falls for this remains to be seen. But they are chatting much more freely now than I've seen since the show started.

Danielle confirms that they moved into the house on the 3rd, so this is their 4th day inside the house.

July 7, 2006 1:40pm

Janelle won the Veto - which was some fish-guts frenzy. The hammies still smell after showers.

July 7, 2006, 12:55pm HT

This guy looks lost.

Now, I didn't watch BB during season one, so I don't really have a clue as to his personality. But he's been sitting in the living room, looking exactly like this the entire time. He doesn't talk. He doesn't look at people. He makes Jee look like a social butterfly. If I didn't know better, I'd swear his occupation is disgruntled postal worker.

C'mon Chicken George. Time to bring the funny.

1:05pm HT -- We're back to fire. Lets hope they are doing the veto competition so something will happen.

1:30pm HT -- I'm guessing that veto competition must involve solving Pi to the 99th place because dayamn, they are taking all day.

July 7, 2006, 12:30pm HT

In what is perhaps the most random conversation ever, James, Erika and Diane are talking about ... sheets. James says when he dates a girl they usually go out and buy him sheets. My question would have to be, what on earth is he doing to his sheets that warrants continual replacement?

Sweet, sentimental Diane says she would never buy anybody sheets. "Buy your own damn sheets," she says.

Diane goes on and on and on about Nick Lachey.

As a certain sign of the apocalypse, I have just realized Alison has been in the room the entire time and hasn't said a word. It's probably time to go buy duct tape and water bottles.

July 7, 2006 11:30am HT

There was a Wheel of Veto spin among the hamsters to determine who plays for the Veto. Kaysar and Chicken George won; they, along with the 2 HOHs and 2 Noms, will compete for the POWER OF VETO. Hold tight for the results.

July 7, 2006, 11:15am HT

We've been at obnoxious flames for over 1/2 hour now, so the veto competition must be in full swing.

I never thought I'd say I miss Front of the House (FotH), but boy, do I ever.
Ditto for the snappy violin Big Brother Hoedown soundtrack.


We're back, but it's difficult to figure out what's up with Veto. Marcellas, Jase and Jannelle are in HoH. I don't know if veto is a 2-phase thing or what, because they are talking Alison, Danielle and Chicken George. I heard Alison saying earlier either that she didn't win or didn't want to win.

Well, whatever happened, or will happen, these three want the Alison, Danielle and Chicken George out in that order. Marcellas is seriously harping on the strength of Chicken George because he thinks he is stealth and an under-the-radar kind of guy. Or chicken.

July 7, 2006 10:20am HT

While we wait for the veto competition to begin, we proudly present: IDIOTS IN HATS


Gas station robber Jase

Grandpa Mike Boogie

July 7, 2006, 8:15am HT

Nakomis and Dani chatting in the kitchen. Nakomis has figured out there are things in the house from different seasons, but can't figure out what might be from season 2. So far they have found plastic ducks from season 3 (founders of duckball) and chess pieces from season 6. I wonder if there is a small box Vomit-be-gone pink sawdust hidden in the HoH room for season 4 (thank you, Dave) and Cowboy's sitcom script stashed away in the store room for season 5.

Season 1, of course, is a mystery to me.

Oh, and guess what? Nakomis despises PB&J. Why is she on this show again?

July 7, 2006 7:45am HT

Nakomis is up and about. Check out her shirt.

Now this, I understand.




What is Nacos Revenge?

Oh, and for the record, I witnessed her applying eye makeup. What's this world coming to?

July 7, 2006 5am HT

I just have to say it ... they're sleeping.

From the looks of her pajamas, I'm guessing that Janelle is the new spokesmodel for the California cheese industry, because you know, happy cows make great cheese.

Then again, maybe the cows aren't too happy she stole their pajamas -- and from the looks of things, several of their pillows as well.

Check out the undeniable attraction between Janelle and Jase. The only person getting less than these two are Skippy and the CBS editing squad. Sadly, they're no Dave and Amanda. I fully expect by tomorrow night there will be a big big chalk line down the middle of the bed.

Veto is today. Don't know when.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ah. Summertime. Time
for Big Brother. Time for sitting in a hot jacuzzi, drinking wine and talking B.S. I have no idea what had Dani making that face. Well, aside from the fact that she was reacting to something Marci was saying. Poor Chicken George just seems totally out of his element in this game with these players.

Janelle looks toasted already, and with no Beau to call names and wrassle with, what's a girl to do? (I will say, that is a very cute swimsuit top.)

I'm truly confused as to why Marci was splashing water on Jani's boobs. Skippy chose to give us audio of Kaysar and Erika playing pool instead of the (probably) interesting gossip in the hot tub. Skippy, once again, is a moron.

July 7, 2006. 9pm HT

I'm more intrigued by who is NOT on the feeds than by who is on the feeds. F1 is on fire (that's tired already) Kaysar and Erika are playing pool on F2 (and WHY do they have a pool table already? I thought these people were supposed to suffer!), and F3 and F4 have the hot tub crew -- currently Marcellas, Janelle, Danielle and Chicken George, who can never seem to get a word in edgewise.

Marcellas seems to be holding court. If I can't have MFMarvin, I'm perfectly happy to have Marcellas, but he strikes me as an extremely needy person. Danielle chuckles at Marcellas occasionally, but you know the only thing she is thinking about is how to send him to a cornfield, or throw him into the fiery pits of hell.

Speaking of hell, it's been unusually pleasant not having to hear Alison's grating voice for the past ten minutes.

They are awfully damn jolly tonight.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Test Test Test