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Friday, July 07, 2006

10:15pm HT

Jase likes the Dixie Chicks, apparently. Right in the middle of an excellent catty conversation with Marcellas, Skippy takes us to the HOH room where Alison is using the bathroom. Oh, and judging by the condition of the bathroom, I'd say Janelle has taken that place over as her own.

<====I mean, look at that!

Anyway, Ali comes out of the WC and (thankfully) washes her hands. Then, hands dripping with water, Ali looks around for a towel to dry her hands with. Suddenly, I realize I can hear 'Not Ready To Make Nice' coming from somewhere. At first I think it's my neighbor, then Ali opens the bathroom door into the HOH room and I see Jase's feet and can hear the song clearly. BB gives us FOTH briefly. Ali gets a towel from Jase and dries her hands then leaves. Jase turns his tunes up again.

Skippy is incredibly slow on the FOTH button.

Cut to James in the workout room with Janelle. James is (once again) trying to tell Janelle what to do, how to play the game, who they should be aligning with, etc. James? Dude. It's week 1 and you smell of desperation, and it's not from lifting weights.

Janelle asks James if he will definitely vote for Alison. James says he'll do whatever is good for "US". Janelle wonders if Dani will come after her next week. James says he doesn't think so, but he's not sure. James says Dani won't tell him because of his relationship with Janelle. Janelle says she didn't have any choice.

James, with his 20/20 hindsight vision, says it wasn't a good idea to put "both of them" up. Janey asks "why", and James can only say, "because either way it's like 'aaarrrggghhh'". Um. You are one articulate bastard, James.

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