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Friday, July 07, 2006

5:52pm - Friday

Kaysar is actually whining about James' MySpace page. Kaysar is upset because there are so many pictures of Ivette on James' page. James tries to tell Kay and Ali that James doesn't set up the page, but it falls on deaf ears as Kay describes all the pictures on James' page. James asks Kaysar why he's going on James' MySpace page and obsessing on the pictures. James wonders (aloud) if Kaysar is a stalker that he's going to have a restraining order taken out on? Kaysar says he was only on there once. (He sure knows a lot about that page for only having been on there once.)

James yells at Kaysar that Kaysar is his #2 of his top 8 and Kaysar should just RELAX. (If James isn't responsible for his MySpace layout, how does he know that Kaysar is his #2?)

Alison says she doesn't have a MySpace page. James says it's because she's "not cool".

Kaysar is a little insecure, huh?

P.S. Ivette is my #2 on my MySpace page - so there.

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