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Friday, July 07, 2006

July 7, 2006 4:50pm HT

Back to indoor lockdown.

James is up in HoH with Janelle. (Does it seem like James is everywhere all the time??) He wonders if they will be allowed to go outside again tonight. Janelle says probably, though they agree the aftermath of the veto competition will be a big mess to clean up. James says, "You realize the backyard is probably going to reek after this." He also says, "You do have to hand it to George, though. He did stand there and take it right in the face" which makes me anxious to see this played out on TV. Janelle looks slightly irritated that James is invading her HoH space, and she finally gets up and walks out.

Marcellas gets offended when Howie keeps calling him "My Little Bo-Bo." Marcellas shoots him dagger of death and says, "Why do you keep saying his name? Why do you want to give him any air time whatsoever?" Howie pesters Marcellas about House Calls and wonders if Marcellas will go back to House Calls if he gets evicted next week. Marcellas suggests Howie get evicted and then he can go do it. Howie thinks that's a pretty damn good idea. Marcellas also grumbles that he thinks his last season of House Calls was his last season of House Calls. Interesting....

So much for the Yoooge cleanup. They are outside. Howie alerts the media he has bad gas.

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Blogger lifeonhold said ... (1:41 PM) : 

Maybe the BB crew just put down new shreaded newapaper for the hammies. That would be fun.


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