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Friday, July 07, 2006

Same Old, Same Old

I come home after a not-so-long day at work (bossman let us go home early) and an excruciating trip to the laundromat (need clean clothes for my trip) to fire up the feeds and hear HOWIE doing is "oh, you're so sexy", "oh, I love your boobies", "are you wearing panties?", lather, rinse, repeat. The feeds are frozen, but I see that Howie is in the RED room with Erika, Alison and Jase.

Erika tells Howie he's all talk, and Ali agrees. Howie says he'll bang Ali for 3 minutes if Jase will leave the room, but he needs wood. Ali retorts "obviously". Howie says he needs the lights out to get wood.

I think ... "obviously".

I wouldn't want to look at that, either.

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Blogger GreenTuna said ... (5:48 PM) : 

I loved Ali's observation that all you need to do is call Howie's bluff and tell him OK let's go, and he runs out of the room.


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