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Friday, July 07, 2006

July 7, 2006 7:25pm

Diane approaches Boogie (who is now wearing a bandana under his glow in the dark grandpa hat) about keeping Alison. The answer is a big no-go. Boogie thinks Danielle is an up-front power grabber, but fears Alison could burrow into the game and cause too much trouble down the road. Boogie reiterates the need to break up the BB6 voting block, and feels James has to go sooner rather than later. Because they have changed the veto rules a bit, it's harder to backdoor players. Boogie says not to worry, though, because they'll get James out eventually, and in the meantime, he's fun to be around.

Diane thinks Chicken George is weird. Boogie thinks he's out of his element. Diane says he wasn't even playing the game (veto) today. Boogie asks, "you don't think so?" Diane says, "Hell no. He didn't want to play. He didn't want to win."

Boogie and Diane agree that James is overplaying the game, and getting him to talk is really easy. Boogie says James has been dying to get back into the BB house again. Diane feels Kaysar and Janelle are the closest and Howie is disposable. Boogie thinks Howie and Janelle are the closest. Boogie said, "If America loves them so much, we'll vote them out and America can have them back."

Diane wants to get Janelle out of the house and take full credit herself. She says there is a lot of bad feelings going into the game. Diane whines that Janelle talked trash about her in the house last year (She said I was too UGLY for Drew!) and she can't stand her.

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