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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Live Feed Lessons

As I contemplate possibly being away from the Live Feeds and the broadcast show for the next two weeks, I reflect on the lessons I have learned already from the live feeds. For instance ...

I learned that if a Hamster wins 1st or 2nd place, they don't get the stipend. In fact, it may actually be more financially beneficial to make it through the summer and be sequestered on the jury until the end of the show. A weekly stipend is taxed less than a lump sum of "winnings over 20k". Fascinating.

I learned that Alison had her nose done BEFORE her season of Big Brother because she had a deviated septum which caused her to "click" while she slept. Nakomis pointed out that she STILL clicks. Alison says it's not as bad as it was. Hmmmmmmmmm. (I also learned that Ali has broken her nose twice, but Nakomis being the female version of James had to let everyone listening know she broke her nose three times.)

I learned that Chicken George knows a LOT about previous seasons and players, despite the fact that he insists that he hasn't watched any of the shows. His WIFE watches. Danielle wonders how George hasn't seen the shows if his wife is watching them all. He may just be playing dumb, or .. well .. dumb-er.

I learned that Erika lost a lot of weight because of a recently ended relationship and she wants to gain a few pounds while in the house.

Speaking of weight gain, I learned that Janelle gained so much weight last year that when getting dressed for the finale, she squeezed into her 'little black dress', then had to have it cut off because she couldn't get out of it.

I learned that Howie really IS a class act and took a bunch of souvenirs from the house and sold them all on eBay.

I learned that pretty much every season gave their Hamsters celphones when they finished the season. Some got 3-months of free service, some got 1-year. I also learned that T.Mobile sucks and every person talking about it said they couldn't get a signal on their free T.Mobile phone.

I learned that Dr. Will is all powerful, as someone obviously heard his plea for a banner plane and went one better with a skywriting plane, resulting in an indoor lockdown of severe boredom as the Hamsters kept talking about it and we kept getting Hellfire.

I learned that James is playing WAY too hard, is annoying as hell, and I wish he wasn't in the house because his constant yammering about himself, how great he is, how many fans he has, etc., etc., is really, really BORING. And his game stinks of desperation.

I learned that Jase has changed and he's actually not that bad. I'm enjoying his game and he may just be a very shrewd competitor. (And I learned that he doesn't really pee on stuff.)

I learned that Kaysar is still boring, that James considers Kaysar to be the "weak link" in their "team", and that James is a dumbass for admitting that S6 is actually, you know, a "TEAM". (However, James is NOT a gay vampire.)

I learned that Marcellas and Danielle really DO have bad feelings about each other, that Marcellas did NOT vote for Lisa because she was "nicer", he felt she played a better - more subtle game, and that he didn't respect Danielle for playing so hard to take Jason to the end. I also learned that had Dani made the final two with anyone other than Lisa, she may have actually won, according to Marci.

I learned that Howie is a disgusting, sexist pig with the mentality of a teenage boy in the middle of raging puberty and an incredibly inflated ego that is wholly undeserved. Oh wait. I already knew that.

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