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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Dr. Will is simply a master of this game. CBS should have a weekly hour dedicated to the clips of what he says to/about others. Here are just a few of his quips from yesterday:

As he glances at photos of prior BB seasons:
"[Cowboy’s] teeth look like they're having an argument."

Howie tells Will his body is so small:
“You should take an internship in my new country, Sixpakistan.”

Kaysar tries to poke at Will by saying that Botox is wrong:
"That's easy for you to say, Kaysar, you're the Brad Pitt of Muslims. If you were ugly you'd feel differently."

Howie tells the hamsters how he blew off his finger as a child while trying to make a bomb:
“Howie, your schtick should be "I'm looking for the man who took my finger."

While trying for Busto Part II, and Will having none of it, Howie tells Will if he loses any weight he could be a light saber:
“If Howie gains any more weight, he’ll be Jabba the Hut. Hey, just putting it in terms you'll understand, Howie.”

While responding to Howie's question about his game plan:
"I refuse to be stuck in sequester this summer. If I'm not out by the fifth week, then I'll actually have to start playing the game. It's as simple as that. If you leave me in the house after week 5, well, then I have no choice other than to win the damn thing. Keep that in mind."

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