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Monday, July 17, 2006

Insomniac Recap

Last night (well, it still continues as I write this) was rocky in the BB household for the S6, or seasick. alliance. Boogie celebrated his birthday by shaking up the hamsters. He's placed just the right amount of doubt in each of their heads. Regardless of whether he's ultimately successful, it's the biggest gameplay yet this season. James doubts Kaysar, Janey doubts James/Kaysar, Howie doubts he knows what's going on, and Kaysar is playing the "I'm not leading this alliance" strategy. Who knew Boogie had it in him? Who knew adding a little gruel would play so well on their minds? The biggest fallout is that Marcy has been identified as aligned with S6 - placing a large target on the back of his bathrobe of doom. Oh, and Danielle is completely playing Switzerland - and loving every minute of this.

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Blogger Mensch71 said ... (8:24 AM) : 

Bless you for posting. I have no feeds and refuse to hang on the other board. And someone (*ahem*) isn't posting the daily recaps. Because she's been staying out too late. ;)


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